New Improved Fixed
almost 4 years ago

πŸ‘‹NEW LeadDelta features β€” now live for you in v.1.2.3

#1 – Improved speed & bug fixes πŸ’«
β€’ We've upgraded our database and scripts to make the app faster
β€’ Contact info is now merged to save space
β€’ More actions/visit takes you to a profile of a selected connection
β€’ When you click on your profile photo it takes you to your profile
β€’ It's now even easier to leave feedback or ping our support, we've built a Slack bot that sends your messages in real-time to our team. So go ahead, ask away.

#2 – Faster profile updater [Pers. favorite] 🀩
β€’ Coming next – auto-updates ⚑️

#3 – NEW sorting options πŸ”—
β€’ You can sort by A-Z, Z-A, Oldest/Newest
β€’ Default sorting is by the Date connected

#4 – Bulk select & bulk messages πŸ“

β€’ Bulk select now works as it should, selecting only contacts on a single page
β€’ We protect you and your connections by allowing up to 25 messages at a time

#5 – Connections count & last sync date βœ…

β€’ Sync contacts and update LinkedIn:LeadDelta = 1:1

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